What drives Virat Kohli..???

India vs Australia, 27 March 2016. India wins by 6 wickets. VKohli scores an unbeaten 82 from 51 balls.

The only thing that can drive you , is the success.

The most important thing which this innings taught us is preparation.

Everything he did on the pitch, whether it was the strong bottom hand drives, placement and timing of the sixes and the conversion of  1’s and only 1’s into comfortable 2’s.

VKohli, Ind vs Aus :

The James Faulkner’s 18th over for me was not defined with a straight push towards long on to to Australia’s best fielder , David Warner, VKohli takes on the best fielder In the world and makes his ground confortably. There was 1 run written all over. But VKohli, was never worried who the fielder was , he had the belief to make it to the crease. He gives more importance to those doubles than any man of his genius needs to. That’s why he is world class.

His preparation is best heard in own words post the match “All my fitness regimes paid off today .When I’m tired, I should be able to run as fast as when I’m on 0 ”

 VKohli during their ICC World T20 2016 cricket match against Australia in Mohali, India, Sunday, March 27, 2016. (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)

He also teaches us that , aggression if channelized in the right direction, can do wonders to you.
Seldom do you see aggression and focus on the same face, and when you do , you know it’s the most lethal combination.

This match was not won by him in the last 18 balls. This match was won by him in those hours of dedicated practice all these years. Within next few years Virat Kohli will surely break many ICC International Records. As Now, He stands at second position with the highest number of centuries after Sachin Tendulkar.

This man is a role model. For more info chick here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virat_Kohli

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