Whenever a group of people agrees on the statement that Sachin is the greatest batsman of all time, there is some person who would say that, “Yes, but Don Bradman is better.” It gets debatable after this statement. Was Bradman better than Sachin? What do the numbers suggest? And are the numbers sufficient to compare these two legends? Let’s analyse it ourselves. We need to consider different factors for this. We consider the following factors for our research.

sachin and Don Bradman


Tendulkar plays under huge pressure. 1 billion+ individuals anticipating that you should perform in every single match. To perform reliably well for a long time according to desires is simply brilliant. Bradman never had such weight in his entire career separated from bodyline arrangement and in his last innings against England. Also, simply look what pressure can do. His average which was often not more than 100 in most extreme arrangement boiled down to only 52 in bodyline series. At the point when the entire world was watching him to score only 4 runs running in his last innings he couldn’t score those runs. This is the thing that pressure is about.


Bradman played 52 tests in 20 years though Sachin has played 162 tests in 20 years. In Bradman’s opportunity relatively few matches were played. Players effortlessly got 7-8 days of rest in the middle of 2 tests of an arrangement. In one year just 4-5 tests were played. There were no one dayers. These days there are a lot of ODI’s. Once series begins, you don’t get any opportunity to take rest. 5 ODI get finished in 12-13 days and when ODI series is over, the Test series begins and between tests just 3 days of gap. No rest for players and they need to play every test and ODI. In Bradman’s times you could get 7-8 days for rest and not just that, Bradman played a few tests which were of only 3 days.

In verging on each test he played, there was a rest day in the middle of, so wellness level and aggregate quantities of matches 4-5 and take a gander at today’s cricket, atleast 10 Tests and 30 ODIs every year and in ODI’s you can’t play cricket with peace by any stretch of the imagination. After each ball you need to take a gander at the score load up, need to quicken at whatever time in the innings commonly from the earliest starting point, pressure with no rest practically.


Bradman more often than not came at no.3 or no.4 and for the most part when the score were 176 for 1 or 217 for 2. NO PRESSURE!! Simply play the normal game and overwhelmed the rocking the bowling alley. Not at all like Sachin, Bradman had some decent openers from the begin of his profession. Woodfull and Ponsford had vocation normal of 45+.

Sachin ordinarily came at no.4 and for the most part when India lost both the openers with the scoreboard perusing something 20-2!!! And after that this best batsman ever protects the group. In One dayers Sachin opens and begins blasting firearms from the earliest starting point and after that relentless in center overs and again all weapons bursting in last 10 overs. What’s more, at 37, on the off chance that you are still ready to do in the wake of playing 20 years, then it’s definitely a striking thing !


Bradman played for the most part against England and he got used to that blowing away thats why scored 5000 keeps running with a normal of around 92. One arrangement against every minnows and scored vigorously against them. Playing at Indian pitches is never been simple for any batsman. Now a days Australian thinks Ricky Ponting is the best batsman after Bradman from Australia. Look his record in India! Sachin’s normal in Australia is above 54.


The defender shattering stumps from the limit was unheard in Bradman’s chance. Simply see the class of handling these days, Rhodes, Ponting, Gibbs. The standard of handling is far much superior to anything it was in that time!


In Don Bradman’s chance it was difficult to pick one’s shortcoming simply remaining at slips or point.  Its actual that then there was no such gear like cap, arm-watchmen to spare you yet then separated from Bodyline series there were no such occurrence where batsmen needed to truly spare themselves from genuinely quick knocking down some pins.

There are numerous different things which ought to be consider like the standard of playing cricket. These days such an extensive amount innovation is utilized with the goal that you can take out powerless ranges of a specific player. The standard of handling is just too great. The Media buildup and weight is to such an extent. Loads of cricket played, scoring in all aspects of the world.

The basic reason behind the comparison is the Average. Don Bradman has a test average of 99.94 In his last test innings he needed to score 4 runs in order to end up with an average of 100. However, he got out on a duck. However, 99.94 is a number about which test Cricketers can just dream of. So even today, when someone performs really great in a tournament, with very high average, it’s called ‘Bradmanesque’ performance. It’s really great to play even one tournament that way, so it’s obviously appreciable to have an entire career like that. On the other hand, Sachin has Test average of 53.78, which is the best amongst Indian Test cricketers with minimum 20 Test matches. It’s obviously not as great as Don Bradman’s, but still very good.


There’s no doubt who is clear winner here. Sachin has played 200 Tests while Don Bradman has played 52, Sachin is the clear winner here.


Most of us have never seen Don Bradman play. But some of the people who watched Don Bradman bat say that he wasn’t a player who would make you fall in love with his beautiful shots. His playing style was comparable to Dhoni. He was a quick run scorer and hence was not much elegant. Sachin on the other hand is one of the all time best when it comes to technique. So in elegance department, Sachin has the upper hand.

Finally, its unfair to compare the two batsmen of different era but then it would also be unfair to call Sir Don as the greatest batsmen of “all times”.


Grounds in Australia are traditionally known for their long boundaries. Don Bradman played most of his matches in Australia and England. Sachin travelled all around the world scoring loads of runs in every continent. However, differentiating them based on this is quite tough.


Here Don Bradman must be given credit as he batted on uncovered pitches. Sachin got better doctored pitches. So, advantage Don Bradman..


Bradman faced a fierce bowling attack throughout his career. His greatest opponent was Bill O’Reilly, the greatest leg spinner of all time according to Don. Sachin faced the Pakistanis and West Indians at their peak, which included Wasim, Waqar, Shoaib, Walsh, Ambrose and even Lee, Flintoff, Donald etc. Towards the end he faced weaker bowlers with only Steyn, Malinga, Anderson being real fierce opponents. So when it comes to only opposition (without combining it with pitches) maybe Sachin faces tougher bowlers. So more credit goes to Sachin.


Bradman holds the record of highest average and related records and also most no. of double centuries, most no. of runs on a single day. All other records worth keeping are held by Sachin. Most international runs, centuries, fifties, 150s, etc. His records are mostly based on his longevity. So advantage here, again, goes to Sachin.


According to Shane Warne, Sachin is best, next only to Bradman. Even Tony Greig said that “This guy (Sachin) is the next closest thing to Bradman that has ever been.” However, John Woodcock said after Sachin’s 114 at Perth 1992 that, “Gentlemen, he is the best batsman I have seen in my life. And unlike  most of you, I have seen Bradman bat.” Even Hanif Mohammad, who passed away today, said that “I am one of those few fortunate players who got so see both Bradman and Sachin play and in my opinion, Sachin is better.” In both these views, maybe they are taking about elegance, while Warne and Tony must be talking about stats.

So we saw that Bradman possessed advantage when it came to Average pitches and expert views. Sachin is having advantage in elegance, longevity, quality bowlers, fan following and pressure and his greatest possession; Records. Now it’s everyone’s own choice whether to give preference to which parameter. Both are legends and it’s tough to compare them.


Cricketing stuff other than batting includes bowling and fielding. Sachin was a decent Test bowler and an excellent fielder. Bradman bowled 160 balls in his Test Career taking 2 wickets (Sachin has 46, and 154 in ODIs) and was a mediocre fielder. Advantage Sachin but it does not effect their batting.
Also, Sachin is a fun loving guy outside cricket field, while Bradman was an introvert. Advantage Sachin, but doesn’t matter.

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