Rahul Dravid : What it means to be a Player…???


Rahul Dravid was always a team man, willing to take up challenges for the greater good; and the acceptance of challenges has defined his cricket.This man simply did not have the airs of a sporting superstar. He batted exactly like the person he is : stately and upright, dignity and poise his two shoulders, standing up to everything coming at him with minimum fuss.

Rahul Dravid picked his shots carefully, almost like he was weighing the risk for fear of letting himself and his side down. He is a good man and he batted like a good player.

Rahul Dravid


 I was drawn to team sports even as a child . The fun and friendships shared with team mates, the joy and sorrow of winning or losing together, the ability to get along with others, are things familiar to anyone who has played even the most basic level of any team sport. As I graduated to higher levels of cricket and spent a lot of time travelling and playing, I discovered many more aspects to being a team player.”

“Apart from enjoying one’s own performance, it is highly motivating to participate in the very special process of taking the team to another level. Being in high-pressure situations along with teammates and working towards strategies to counter the opposition can be hugely satisfying, even more so when you actually succeed . Team sport not only provides the space for individual growth but also an opportunity to reach out to those who are not doing that well. And believe me, success is a strangely cyclical phenomenon that all players experience. In any team, there will be people in good form and others who struggle.


Very often then, especially if you aredoing well, there is an opportunity to contribute to someone else’s success, and experience the pride of seeing your team mate grow as a person. On the other hand, you might be in bad form, but the team still wins, and you have something to be happy about. The beauty of being part of a team is the security it offers along with the realisation that it’s not about you alone. Playing cricket in India means you will have to face the diversity that our country offers.

The dressing room is a place filled with laughter and humour, with everyone pulling each other’s leg. But different people have different sensibilities and not everyone can go with the joke to the same extent. When you spend so much time together you learn where to draw the line. You recognise the fine line between laughing with others and laughing at others.

Apart from humour, there are so many memories and stories that bind a team together. And winning brings out the best in people, makes them more giving as well as more forgiving. If noticed, all talks about the great team spirit that defined the Australian team through thelate Nineties and early 2000s. I am a great believer in the Power of Winning. I have noticed that good team-players view success very differently from the rest.Credit doesnt motivate them alot. That’s not always easy. Anyone who has fielded at short leg knows what a thankless job it is, besides being risky.


You put your body on the line, have to work damn hard and may have nothing to show for it. When given that position, there are those who are reluctant to put in the hard work. In the next round, they will be in another position. One can empathise with batsmen who come in to bat at number five, six or seven in a one-day match.

They have a limited number of balls to make an impact and show their worth. If they are under pressure to retain their position. Hitting big-shots motivates player. That may not be in the team’s interest at that stage of the match. Situations like fielding, demand more work from a player and therefore require to put the team ahead of yourself.

The funny thing is that you cannot hide your attitude from team mates. If you are selfish, you will be found out in no time at all. But if you are a team-player, the team will know and appreciate that as well. In books called The Sacred Hoops, Phil Jackson quotes Rudyard Kipling.

For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack. That, I think, sums it up rather nicely. 

For more click https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rahul_Dravid 

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