Olympics 2020

With the current preparation for Olympics 2020 scheme, we can’t be sure of medals in the next Olympics but for the future it is necessary to identify, train and support our athletes’ right from the ultimate base level to make the future look good for Indian Athletes.


Olympics 2020


The Indian Government needs to increase participation in newer sports through investments in sports infrastructure and by encouraging sports entrepreneurs. Giving proper exposure to all other sports in schools itself will bring out many sportsperson. So, it is very necessary to build proper sports infrastructures in schools and should also provide scholarships to the students.


The careers of professional athletes have a limited shelf life, which often gets shortened further due to injuries. Hence, the government should financially secure their future. Financial struggles is one of the major and ever existing hurdle of an Indian athlete right from the zone level to international level as 95% of Indian athletes are from a poor family which indicates most of them don’t even have money to buy kits for their respective events. 


For Olympics 2020 build world-class athletes, we need world-class infrastructure for stadiums, practice turfs, sports equipment, gymnasiums and sports facilities and sports medicine. The Chinese government has opened more than 850,000 gyms and more than 3,000 specialized sports facilities. This same kind of commitment is essential for India to get serious about the Olympics.


Recommendations play a pre-dominant and major spoilsport role in an athlete’s career. There are thousands of athletes suffering from recommendations every year. Even at the selection of SGFI under-14, 17 and 19 age groups, there exists a recommendation. While the richer and wealthier people come with the recommendations of higher officials or ministers to make it to the state or district teams, the poorer ones with a loads of talents but can’t make it. 


Here one can wonder what is the purpose of the National Anti-Doping Agency, but we must also understand that taking drugs always depends on the players and coaches. A true athlete and his coach would never believe and depend on the drugs instead of their talents. The Government and NADA need to educate the athletes’ right from their junior level about the usage of banned substances.


It’s a fact that Indian athletes are not prepared for participation in many games due to our country’s lack of world-class sports infrastructure and training facilities. Cycling, diving, rugby and volleyball are all missing from the Indian athlete’s portfolio. To increase the medal tally, we must increase participation in these games. The solution is to build all-purpose stadiums and facilities where different sports can be played at the same time. The multilevel sports complex would solve the space issue effectively without having to compromise on open space. It’s wise to appoint foreign coaches to train Indian athletes in games such as baseball, soccer, swimming, and so on, where we lack world-class expertise. The creation of Task force for the upcoming Olympics Games is a good initiative but has to be rolling fast and making some evident reforms in the sports industry.


While there are many games where we have yet to reach world-class levels. There are a few, such as cricket, chess, and Kabaddi, where India has a world-renowned reputation. Heavily promoting Olympics 2020 officials and fans would go a long way toward adding these sports to the Olympics 2020—and help India earn some medals. To promote sports on India’s behalf, we need to have international camps and cross-training programs for Indian games across continents. This would help build consensus to include Indian games at the Olympics.

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