Messi vs Ronaldo : Age,Skills,Career Goals,Photos,Videos and Facts



Spanish League BBVA           36            35        11
UEFA Champions League       11           16         04
Copa del Rey                          0             0           0
Super Cup                              0             0           0
Total                                   47            51        15

COMPETITION                    GAMES      GOALS     ASSIST
Spanish League BBVA              33              26             16
UEFA Champions League          07              06             01
Copa del Rey                           04              05             02
Super Cup & Club World Cup    04              04             02
Total                                      48             41             21

Messi vs Ronaldo

Probably the greatest players to have grace the world football, Ronaldo and Messi are going head to head for the last 6-7 years not only for individual titles but also helping their club and national teams to glory. But the million dollar question is who is better Ronaldo ? or Messi ?. Thats a questions which divide football fans, make them argue with friends and specially online sports websites comments boxes.


If we talk about their overall Champions League performance again its pretty similar apart from Messi have superior goal ration of 0.86 compared to Ronaldo’s 0.63. But Ronaldo is now the all time highest goal scorer in champions league history while Messi is second with 83 goals to his name.

They both are great, Messi is better at building up attacks bringing his team mates into play. He can find that killer pass which can split even the water tight defences of opposition. On the other hand we have Cristiano Ronaldo who is more athletic. He makes solo runs on the wings can score all type of goals.

Ronaldo is a better professional, he had talent but he made it even better with his dedication to improve which we have been witnessing year after year. Messi on the other hand has a natural gift of balance and control over the football. He can turn and twist accelerate with the ball at his feet better than anyone. So before we decide who is a better player we take a look at the over all record of both players starting with the all time goal and game statistics.

Ronaldo has played in ENGLAND as well as SPAIN for MANCHESTER UNITED and REAL MADRID respectively. The premier League is the most competitive league in the world because it has no winter break. Players have to deal with the fatigue which is much more than the spanish league. In addition to this Ronaldo has recently won EURO 2016 with PORTUGAL adding an honour to his national team. While Messi though playing 4 finals for ARGENTINA has never won a major honour with them…

so my vote goes to CRISTIANO RONALDO….


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