It all started on March 15 1892 where a disagreement between the directors of Everton F.C. and its president. John Houlding, over the rent of the ground Anfield led to the inception of Liverpool Football Club. The appointment of Tom Watson as the manager of Liverpool F.C . Saw the club getting its first taste of success with promotion from the lower league to the First Division (now known as the Premier League). In 1901, the city’s infamous symbol of the liver bird was adopted as the club’s badge. The same year when Liverpool won their first league title. Around the early 1920s, an expansion of the Anfield stadium saw the birth of the famous old Spion Kop.


In 1959, Bill Shankly was appointed as the manager of Liverpool F.C. and the rest as they say is history. He led the club back to the first division in 1962 and the decade that followed was totally Liverpool Football Club’s decade in the world of football. With his almost-infectious passion, he stacked up on the trophies; winning three league titles, two FA cups, four charity shields and one UEFA cup (now known as the Champions League) for the club. His flamboyance drove the club to an all-time high and his outspoken attitude gave rise to many a passionate quotes which are now part of his legends.




During this tenure of Bill Shankly, a certain Bob Paisley was part of the backroom staff at the club. If Bill took Liverpool to the top, Paisley exceeded all possible limits and developed the club into an invincible force. In his tenure, the club won six league titles, three league cups, one UEFA cup, one UEFA Super cup, six Charity shields and most importantly three European cups.





However, this era of utter domination lasted up to the late 1980s. Along these years, the world of football saw the arrival of another new dominating force, Manchester United. The rivalry between these two clubs is almost unmatched in every sense; hatred of the very next level. However, Liverpool till date has been untouchable when it comes to the Champions League among English teams.

The scousers take immense pride in the five European trophies that the club has won since its inception with the latest one coming in 2005 in Istanbul. Oh Istanbul, one of the most glories nights in the history of this wonderful club. The very strength of the fans was known on that day like never before. They went on to win the match on penalties with Dudek being the hero. A night that will itched in the memories of each and every Liverpool for forever.


Through these tough times, Liverpool saw the birth of its favorite legend, Steven Gerrard. He is regarded as one of the most influential captains of all-time. He gave his whole career for the club even through the toughest of times.  But again Liverpool fell short on the last day of the season. Also, he’ll surely comeback to Anfield one day and then who knows, maybe as a manager he might shatter all trophy records. As a player he enthralled audiences throughout the world with the screamers he scored with his canon-like right foot. He finally called it a day with Liverpool in 2015 also ending what was one of the most legendary Liverpool careers we ever saw.




Anfield awaits the beginning of a glorious new era for Liverpool Football Club under Jurgen Klopp. Finally, Its been a long time since the footballing world have seen the Liverpool of the old, but that long wait might just be over and  F.C. shall rise again.

                                 YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE

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