With runtime 3hr 10min it tests your patience at the end. Lets start from the beginning. MS Dhoni Movie starts right at the point where you just can’t stop cheering for the man. And we feel yes, we have the greatest biopic ever. Starts the main story of our protagonist, right from his childhood till the world cup 2011 final shot. This is not a movie on cricket. It is the journey of the man who we know from almost last 10 odd years.


First half keeps on ticking at an acceptable pace. You don’t actually feel bored till the interval, mainly because there is a story which is unfolding at a steady speed to keep the audience interested. Second half introduces us to Dhoni’s life after he is selected in Indian cricket team. And this part is shown with a lot of caution it feels. With this I mean, the story cleverly avoids all the controversies Dhoni faced during his life in cricket team till now.

Dhoni Movie Reviews



With 2 love stories being shown in the second half we do feel tired. its good that not much time is utilized in either of the love story. But the point where the love stories are introduced in the film, it can get onto your nerves.

Acting wise, Sushant Singh Rajput is in the role of his life. He surely has put a lot of efforts in getting in the shoes of Dhoni. And he has done tremendously well. Dhoni’s walking style, his calm composure, even his lip movement while talking, all are copied amazingly. Moreover his batting style was also enacted to perfection.

Helicopter shot and ofcourse all of us has seen the last six of world cup final and his perfect priceless emotions in trailers.One more place where the movie scores very high is the collaboration of the real videos of cricket matches with the reel videos of SSR. Great job done.

Direction I felt was average, because the main challenge of a director in today’s Bollywood situation is to make the movie as crisp as possible with not losing on the emotional quotient. And this movie just goes on and on and on with one event to another. For me first half is the winner. Background music is good as we get in all Neeraj Pandey films till now.


Screenplay gets slow at times. Mind you its not a perfect film. The only big problem in this biopic is the runtime. Yes, I expected a lot more than what is shown in the film, me being a great fan of all three elements shown here viz CRICKET, DHONI and MOVIES. Imagine when the movie is about to reach its climax, even if it’s a biopic it should show the best part of movie at the end. I strongly believe, for a long movie like this to become a classic, climax should be the thing audience should wait for and not the end. Get the difference.

That is the reason Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar is still considered one of the greatest classic in Indian cinema. Audience should feel that yes, this is what we were waiting for at the climax, be it a biopic, an emotional movie, a thriller, and ofcourse if its a suspense movie.
But that’s my opinion and might not be the same for rest movie goers.

All in all, M S Dhoni- the untold story, is a good watch. Sushant is tremendous, runtime is not.

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